Lisellaie Auvienne

"One lie - or ten thousand! It maketh no difference - to the light of truth! To the divine lightning - that which burneth away lies!"

Ex-Dragoon. Adventurer. Painter. Astrologian. Friend.Welcome to the profile for Lisellaie Auvienne, a Wildwood Elezen from Malboro in the Crystal Datacenter in Final Fantasy XIV.

Lisellaie Auvienne


NameLisellaie "Lise" Auvienne
PronunciationLeez-eh-lay Ooh-vee-een
RaceWildwood Elezen
Age25 (Or not?)
ProfessionAdventurer, Astrologian, Painter, Escort
Relationship StatusOpen marriage
HobbiesPainting, exploring, drinking tea

Lisellaie is tall and imposing, though she supplements her stature and build with a warm smile and friendly demeanor. She is cordial and polite to a fault to anyone she meets, addressing anyone as Ser or Lady. She prefers to dress in classical, fanciful clothing that retains a tasteful modesty, though or late she has also added more comfortable, loose, more tribal outfits to her wardrobe.Her hair is naturally white with dark roots, usually pulled up and tied in a flowering bun behind her head, with a braid lowered behind her left ear. Recently she has taken to switching it up as well, letting her hair down to flow freely and dying it light blue with pink highlights. She tends to switch between the two hairstyles depending on her mood, whimsical or classy.She has piercing emerald eyes, and her skin is a milky chocolate color. She carries herself tall and proudly, and when she allows her frame to be exposed she is evidently fit and toned, possessed of strength that deceives her pleasant demeanor.Her form of speech is distinct to her, she speaks in archaic (Shakespearean, if less flowery) English. It's recognizable as Ishgardian, even if you'd be hard-pressed to find a modern Ishgardian who speaks like that. Why she does is a tale she might tell to the right person.


Agility and Dexterity9/10
Danger to Allies2/10

Other Attributes

Attention Span9/10
Social Awareness7/10

Lisellaie Auvienne


Lisellaie's activities began four years ago, when she appeared in Limsa Lominsa and registered as an adventurer, and joined with a band of like-minded souls. Together this band of adventurers worked all over the realm of Eorzea, taking on the simplest jobs as well as protecting society from threats such as voidsent incursions, tangling with sky pirates and exploring ancient ruins.At the time, she already claimed to hail from Ishgard and to have served as a Knight Dragoon.When the war for Ala Mhigo began to loom, many members of her group chose to enlist in the Grand Companies, and the rest chose to disband entirely, Lisellaie included. She continued to work as an adventurer, taking on a more relaxed stance, focusing on making a living and enjoyign her free time. She was able to devote more time to painting and enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle, able to develop herself outside a martial environment.

Lise eventually found herself drawn to a more illicit lifestyle, as she happened upon the Playboy Mansion club and brothel, attending multiple times as a patron and eventually being employed there as a courtesan. She was further drawn to the Ishgardian-inspired brothel known as the Pearl, owned by Mistress Deirdre Ta'ea, and joined their staff as well. Even after the closure of the Playboy Mansion she has continued her new risque lifestyle, working her way up from courtesan at the Pearl to assistant and eventually events manager. She has found unexpected joy in these experiences and the friendships and relationships she has cultivated, and fully intends to persist as long as she can.

There is more to Lisellaie's history that she keeps a secret from all except those she trusts. If you care to be spoiled, click the link below!

Lisellaie Auvienne

Backstory In Depth

Lisellaie was born 388 years ago in the Holy See of Ishgard. She was born to parents of common birth, though they weren't destitute. As a child she took an interest in art and painting, although as she grew older and the Dragonsong War continued to rage, she felt a sense of duty to her nation and enlisted to the Knights at the age of 16. Over three years of service she met and eventually became wedded to her husband, a knight by the name of Yvelont. She continued to serve and earned distinction as a knight, eventually achieving the honor of being inducted to the Order of Knights Dragoon.

She continued to serve proudly for the next ten years, distinguishing as a Dragoon until she was even recognized by the Eye of Nidhogg, taking up the mantle of Azure Dragoon, while her husband Yvelont became Captain of his own company of Knights. Though their service in the war demanded much of their attention over the years, finally, at the age of 33 she gave birth to their daughter Aurellie. Five years later she had a son, Andrelot. She and her husband did their very best to serve their country and raise their children, and lived joyful lives amid the endless Dragonsong War.

In the course of her duties, Lisellaie was dispatched to aid in negotations with a viera settlement that resided in Coerthas, enterining into negotiations with their queen. When she actually met the queen, she was struck by intense emotion at the first sight. The woman held a grace and regality without compare, even to a knight of Ishgard, and Lise could not help but show deference to her. Such deference gave way steadily to admiration, devotion, and finally love and surrender. Against her oaths as a knight and wife, Lise found herself deeply and maddeningly in love with the viera queen, who returned her affections. Their relationship was illicit and decadent, the one aspect of her life where Lisellaie was allowed to behave outside of the rules and expectations of Ishgardian society or knightly decorum. She pledged her service and love to the queen, even as she continued her life as devoted wife, mother and knight, decadently pursuing both lifestyles.

While maintaining her forbidden relationship with the viera queen as the years passed, Lise also proceeded with her duties in the war as the Azure Dragoon. In their knightly service, Lise and Yvelont had earned the ire of two powerful wyrms, Mnevarith and Tarvith, who sought revenge for the slaying of their brood. The wyrms razed a settlement where Lise and Yvelont made their abode, causing the deaths of Aurellie and Andrelot. The two knights swore revenge, and their feud finally came to a head, at a fortress that attempted to replicate the barrier that protected the Holy See. The aetherial font at the center of the fortress was destroyed and disrupted when the dragons attacked, and in the midst of battle, Lisellaie, Yvelont, Mnevarith and Tarvith all lost their lives.

Yet their souls were trapped in unstable, endlessly flowing and storming aether, unable to pass on. Until two miqo'te Seeker of the Sun adventurers Jubal and Lanah, came by the site. Yvelont and Lisellaie's souls latched onto the living receptacles, causing an unstable and dangerous merging for their selves that threatened to destroy their minds and souls. Through the efforts of the Jubal and Lanah's adventuring band, a machine was developed to separate all four souls from each other and allow Yvelont and Lisellaie to pass onto the Lifestream. But the process was imperfect, and while Yvelont moved on, when it was Lisellaie's turn, the process reversed. Jubal was lost to the Lifestream, and Lise remained, in his body. With the help of alchemy she was able to assume an elezen form, and resigned herself to living a new life in this new time, to live for the sake of honoring those she had lost and who had come before.In summary, she was born 382 years ago, is 49 years old in the body of a 25 year old.

Lisellaie Auvienne


Her husband and children

  • Her husband Yvelont and her children Aurellie and Andrelot. Though they passed away a long time ago they remain ever in her heart.

Yuki Ash

  • This sublime viera captured Lisellaie's heart. Yuki has brought Lise so much joy and warmth with her boundless affection, and Lise's life is all the more enriched for having her amazing wife at her side. Yuki has even gifted Lise with a beautiful baby daughter, with another child on the way.

Hikari Ash-Auvienne

  • Lisellaie and Yuki's beautiful baby girl, this bundle of sunshine is the most precious thing in Lise's life.

Manon Crestbane

  • Lise was fortunate enough to apporach Manon one evening and has absolutely not regretted it since. The two of them have become wives and she could not be happier. This gorgeous viera is so wonderfully cute and loving and friendly, Lise can't help but cherish her endlessly.

Deirdre Ta'ea

  • The disciplined and comely owner of the Pearl brothel, Lise is always in awe of the woman's poise and grace. She admires Deirdre to no end and strives to help the lovely woman lessen her burdens, even if it's as simple as having Deirdre take a single day off.

Selene Sohleer

  • One of her first friends at the Pearl, Lise welcomes Selene's company any time they're able to meet and she dearly desires to become even closer to this wonderful viera.

Rhyan Mellios

  • The sole man alive who Lise holds any romantic affection for, Rhyan's sweetness and earnestness have captured her heart, and she cherishes his friendship even as she crushes on him endlessly.

Valentine Liliverne

  • To Lise, Valentine is nothing less than Her Majesty. She is Lisellaie's queen, and the truth of where this relationship originated lies in her long history. The emotions between the two are nothing less than complicated, yet Lise could never bear to be separated from the viera.

R'ellith Kaatvi

  • Becoming acquainted with R'ellith was a lucky stroke which Lise has come to cherish. Since she has gotten to know this absolutely delightful, elegant woman, Lise has come to appreciate her more and more, and she truly enjoys every moment she gets to share with R'ellith.

Lisellaie Auvienne

RP Hooks

  • Gossip and such. She's a lady of high society, of course there's gossip.

  • She's a people pleaser. She loves to help people, even stranger she's just met.

  • Hails from Ishgard. It's pretty obvious from the way she talks.

  • Is sometimes confused for a noble because of her speech, but she'll calmly state she's of common birth.

  • She's an adventurer for a living, taking on jobs from basic mercenary assignments to guard duties, delivers, and more dangerous jobs.

  • She's an ex-Dragoon, and doesn't overly hide this fact. Though anyone in the know won't recognize her from the records of recent Dragoon Knights.

  • She can be found outside in the Lavender Beds or the areas nearby, painting portraits of landscapes. Or in other more remote locations doing the same.

  • Lisellaie spends a lot of time in Ishgard these days, doing her best to lobby with the Chamber of Commons for them to provide more aid to the Restoration efforts. When she's not dealing with politics, she lends her skills to the actual work.

Lisellaie Auvienne

Out of Character Information

  • If an aspect of RP makes you uncomfortable in a scene we're playing, please send me a /tell, letting me know. Communication is very important, more important than potentially keeping immersion.

  • I will not entertain drama llamas. Full stop. I'm old and moldy and do not have time to deal with problem-escalations during my happyrelax funtimes.

  • Further disclaimer, I'm not that old and moldy.

  • I will play mature content and themes (violence, sexuality, drug / alcohol use) as long as they're logical in a plot-driven encounter. Also possibly including: coarse and excessive language, temporary injury and incapacitation, temporary imprisonment.

  • Ask about long-term and/or permanent injury and disfigurement. Long-term captivity or imprisonment.

  • I won't play permanent character death, anything mature-themed with players under 20.

  • If that didn't scare you off, I'm generally open to talking and initiating RP! I swear I'm actually a pleasant person to speak to.

  • Feel free to approach me on Discord as well! My handle is Zoological Uncertainty#8778